Train Like a Champion

It seems like only yesterday, I retired from the corporate world and opened my Taekwondo school. The last three years have just flown by. My goal when I opened up was to have a positive impact on my students and to introduce the world of martial arts to as many people as I could. There is just something about seeing students start from having never done martial arts before and accomplish goals they never dreamed they could achieve.

Being a tournament competitor myself (at age 50) I understand the role that tournaments play in a student’s development. Tournaments are not everyone’s cup of tea and I would never push a student into a situation where they are set up to fail, but those who participate in them have flourished. In 3 short years, I have seen students who could barely handle the basics turn into NASTA National Champions!

This year was an amazing year for our tournament team. We participated in numerous tournaments including the NASTA State and National tournaments. We brought a small team of 15 students to the state tournament and finished 3rd overall out of 23 teams and crowned 11 State Champions. This was against teams of 20 – 30 students! At Nationals we brought a team of 13 competitors and crowned 9 National Champions some of whom won multiple titles, which was simply amazing. Especially since some of these students have been training less than 2 years!

I am so proud of what my team and students have accomplished in such a short time. The most amazing thing to me is how even in an individual sport like Taekwondo, they train and compete as a team. The support and encouragement from the parents is remarkable, they cheer and encourage for our whole team not just their kids. The culture and atmosphere at Martial Arts Institute – North is nothing but positive. Our motto this year is Train Like A Champion. To me every single one of my students, coaches, and parents are exactly that…CHAMPIONS!


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