Nationals in Harrison, Arkansas

July 31-August 1 was an incredible weekend for my 10 year old student at MAI North. He had qualified for the national tae kwon do tournament back in April. He had been training with Instructor Dave for the national tournament for the last three months. My son was entered in four events: forms, Olympic sparring, point sparring, and foam sword sparring. Forms and Olympic sparring were on Friday. My son got first place in forms and third place in Olympic sparring. On Saturday, he finished first in point sparring and foam sword sparring. So, for the National tournament he had 3 first place finishes and one third. Not a bad performance for a ten year old!!

But to me, more important to me are two items. First is the confidence he has acquired since starting at MAI North 18 months ago. He is much more sure of himself and his confidence has grown exponentially. Secondly, are the friendships that he has made. Both with other students as well as myself with other parents. For both of these items, we have Instructor Dave and Miss Andrea to thank. They instill an air of friendship, confidence, and confidence at MAI North.


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